Skyward Aerial Photography has listed some examples of their work. They can’t list everything they do but a crossed section of what they do.What we have listed will give you a cross section on what we do. There is not a subject that we can’t film for you. Every project brings its own sense of wonder and enjoyment as they are all so very different.

To give the balance of what we do for the client, usually we will also give a cross section of ground shots if we feel that complements the drone stills and footage that we shoot for the client. Clearly that is not always possible depending on the nature of the job but where it is possible will we include some ground shots.

Over time we will add more projects if they give a greater cross section of what Skyward Aerial Photography does.

Drones give you another point of view of the job and that is why we love using drone as it enables you to see things that you never thought were possible.

If you have a project that you would like filmed from the air, don’t hesitate to contact Skyward Aerial Photography.

We use the Phantom 4 pro series of drones as we love the image quality that we get from them and the versatility that we get from the drone. They are always improving the drone but at this point in time, this is what we prefer to use.

The Hillocks Drive Project

This was an assignment that we did for the client and this material was used for promoting themselves over seas and within Australia. We were able to supply the client with still images along with a video to promote their business.

The Cheetham Salt Project 01

This is a project that we have enjoyed so much. Documenting on how salt is made is such a fascinating process and we have learnt so much from this. The rest can be read in the blog on this topic. We are honored to have been asked to document all 3 plants across Australia. At the point of writing this we have one more to go . Once things clear up in the world at the present time, we’ll be back completing the process.

Cheetham Salt Project 02

Farming Projects 01

This is another project that we love doing each year. Like Cheetham Salt was are honored to be asked each year to document what Liquid Solutions do each year. This is a revolutionary farm method where liquid fertilizer is fed into the ground as the land is ploughed up. The end results are amazing and has put farming on a new level.

Many of the pictures in this display may not mean a lot to the person looking at this but for the client it is crucial as it shows the liquid fertilizer at work and the machinery that pumps it into the ground.

Liquid coming out of the pipes feeding into the ground
Liquid coming out of the pipes feeding into the ground

Farm Projects 02

The complete overview
Close up of machinary
machinary for Liquid solutions
Harvester from the air

Aerial Shot of the process of Liquid Soloutions
ploughing liquid into the land
The liquid is fed into the ground
combination of many images that tell the story