As the name suggests, it is anything Aerial from helicopter photography , light aircraft through to drone photography and video. They are registered with CAASA.

They do private work along with commercial work.They are not licensed drone pilots but are allowed to do commercial work .

One area that needs clarification and there seems confusion at times, if you are not licensed, you are free to do commercial work as long as your drones are under 2 kilos. You can find this on CASSA’s site and below there is a link to that. The drones that they use are using are 1.4klios so they fall within that range easily.

If the rule by CASSA should ever change, then Skyward Aerial Photography will obtain their license to continue on with the commercial work that they do. As the rule states now, legally they can do commercial work as they fall within CASSA’s frame work.

At Skyward Aerial Photography , photographs and shoot video from the air whether it be in a helicopter, light plane or via the drones that we use.

For your project depending on what it is we can cover the ground with still shots and Vision and as well as from the air.

Please allow a couple of days for us to get back to you. 95% we will get back to you within the day, but there are times when we are on location and in areas where the net is very poor as our work takes us far and wide.

The service we offer ranges from stills shots on the ground to aerial shots from the air. We shoot both vision and still images.

Please make contact with us and allow us to quote you for your up and coming job.

Here at Skyward Aerial Photography we pride ourselves with the standard of work that we deliver to the client.