This is another project that we love doing each year. Like Cheetham Salt was are honored to be asked each year to document what Liquid Solutions do each year. This is a revolutionary farm method where liquid fertilizer is fed into the ground as the land is ploughed up. The end results are amazing and has put farming on a new level.

Many of the pictures in this display may not mean a lot to the person looking at this but for the client it is crucial as it shows the liquid fertilizer at work and the machinery that pumps it into the ground.

What is amazing about this process are the amazing success stories. There was one farmer who sold his land as he had tried farming it for over 10 years with little result. The farmer who bought the land was introduced to Liquid Solution’s and the rest is history. What he was able to extract from the land from a cropping point of view is startling.

Farming is changing so quickly from year to year and what was regraded as a waste land is no longer to be viewed in these terms. Some of the pictures show the close up of the machinery that is involved in pumping the solution into the ground as the land is cut up. The liquid is fed into the ground at great speed. It is a mirco thin liquid that hits the ploughed land and that makes all the difference.

We love documenting each farmers story as they are all different, the locations are different, the settings are different but the final outcomes are the same., gaining returns from the land.

Each year new success stories are born and these all give a brighter look on farming in Australia.

Aerial shot of harvester
Close up of harvester from above
Looking down from above
Combination of machery showing the pump
Combination of images showing the pump
Looking down on the rigs
Close up of the pipes
Ground shot showing liquid coming out
Ground shot showing liquid coming out
Showing the back of the machine that pumps the liquid into the ground
Patterns in the land
aerial shot ploughing around the Island
Churning up the land
Close up of rig