When Cheetham Salt contacted us about doing their project for them we were excited.We love doing these sort of projects as you learn just so much about the Industry that has approached us. It has been very educational to learn of the process of how how salt is harvested and how it ends up in the many products that it does,

What is also inspiring is seeing how the process has taken place. Often we are in awe to think here you have an major company who has an amazing product and yet, many years ago , someone has to have there think tank on and to work out how to do this.

“Cheetham Salt Limited was founded by Richard Cheetham in 1888 in Geelong, Victoria Australia. After initial clearing of land, the production of salt commenced in 1897 and the company began operations under the name of Richard Cheetham & Company.”

What makes this story intriguing is that back in 1888 they didn’t have the technology that they have today. They didn’t have the same sort of knowledge. The knowledge of today was built upon what was created in 1888 and yet the knowledge of 1888 was raw, it was at that ” light bulb Moment” It is simply stunning to see the progression of where they had come from to where they are now.

It is a real privilege to be doing the work for Cheetham Salt and below is just a snippet of what we have done there.